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The Robotwo is inspired by fritsl "how to make your first robot".
My goal is to let the robot drive around my living room without any human interfering.
However my living room being a bit of mess sometimes thats not so easy.
Robotwo uses 2 switches configured as a bumber, and the ultrasonic sensors SRF05. The SRF05 is mounted on 2 servos so the sensor can look horizontal and vertical.









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Realy does well in obstacle avoidance. The look down was pretty cool, how are you detecting when to check for a low object? Motor current? Very well thought out.

Ok, saw the bumper now, good work.


Very simple. When robotwo bumps in to anything, ( see the bumpers )  it drives back and looks down two measure if anything is there.

If something is there low on the ground, turn a bit and look down again, until the road is free, then drive ahead. 



well done the look down is a great idea

Very nice :) Thanks for submitting!

I see some extra chips & things!?! What? 


 The square black thing by the switch is a smd speaker.

On the other side is a EEPROM 24LC256 connected to the i2c bus of the picaxe 28x1.

Had to make some changes to the picaxe board to make it work.


The next project is to connect some new sensors to the i2c bus:


Thermal Sensors

TPA81 - 8x1 Thermopile array


8 Pixel Thermal Array Sensor
Detects a candle flame at a range 2 metres (6ft) and is unaffected by ambient light!
Detect Human Body heat!
Servo control for image construction!

Voltage - 5v only required
Current - 5mA Typ. excluding servo
Temperature Range - 4°C - 100°C
Accuracy (Full FOV) - +/-2°C +/-2% from 10°C to 100°C,
Accuracy (Full FOV) - +/-3°C from 4°C to 10°C
Field of View - 41° x 6° (8 pixels of approx. 5° x 6°)
Outputs - 1 ambient + 8 pixel temperatures
Communication - I2C Interface
Servo - Controls servo in 32 steps to 180° rotation
Small Size - 31mm x 18mm



Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - LIS302DL



Uh, you bought the TPA81? hehe.. inflation in that, I know another guy in here who just ordered one as well :) (I better let him announce it himself)

 I always wanted one, but now you guys can tell us if it is worth the price :) 

One thing I noticed that you did (and that is really good) is that you made the sensors as wide as the entire robot.


I didn't  buy  the sensors jet , but it is almost Christmas so I'm planning to buy one soon. :)


Wow, what a first robot!! I made mine with Fritsl's instructable too,  but I still haven't got it navigating as well as yours! I can't wait to see your next improvement.

Waahhh don't be mean to a poor little LED and scrape him along the ground!

Other than cruelty to LEDs, really good. I love the way the head move 2 ways and how you used that ability in the code.