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Launched via rocket, navigates around at desired area


Thought about how the robot should get rid of the parachute after landing without a complicate mechanism and came up with this solution:

Quite simple: A hook made of resistance wire heats up after landing and cut the parachute lines.


First testing video on different surfaces is up.



Followed by my blog here and by the great input from GroG and arbarnhart, I started this new robot project. RoRo is a small and light Rhex robot. It will be launched by a sky observer V2 rocket and navigates around via Sharp distance sensor once landed at the desired area.




This is the circuit diagram of RoRo:

I've added a tilt switch, so the robot can determinate on which side it is landed. The rotational direction of the motors will be changed then accordingly (otherwise the robot would always travel backwards when landed on the bottom side). If the robot lands on one of the paddle leg sides, it tips over automatically to the bottom side or to the upside as soon as the motors start to turn.


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Beautiful! Lookng forward to watch the video of test flight/run :)

Nice hand turned job. You are a craftsman!

Are you going to test launch?


Dang your quick !  That looks just awesome !

So are you going to put the springs in a groove, your diagrams look like you will launch with them curled.  Or are you counting on the velocity of the airflow during launch to stretch them out?

Love it !

Hi GroG,

Yeah, one day for doing the sketchup drawings and building the prototype.

I'll launch them curled. No need to stretch. They still can act as stabilization fins.

That looks interesting. I think the legs will make the rockets trajectory unpredicable unless it is in a vacuum.

Not a big issue as the legs have no big air drag. Aligned with the rocket body tube they even can be used as kind of fins ;) You will see the flight (if I hopefully have no explosion again).

Great work Markus, I always enjoy seeing your latest robots especially because your robots are so prolific! You might want to try turning the paddle legs around the other way. Currently as it is, the pointy end of the paddles might get looped into something as it drives forward.

Thanks :)

I thought about the paddle leg configuration. The problem is that the robot might land on the wrong side up :P

If the robot land on the paddle leg side, it will turn automatically to the right position. Tested it several times. This is really amazing. I thought I would need a third servo to turn it in case. Will make a video tomorrow.