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Scorer ( Playing Ball and Make Score)


Scorer is a ball playing robot. It has three geared dc motors. Two for the wheels and one for its robot hand. At the begining ıt searchs for the ball. It has two IR sensors for finding the ball when it detects the ball it moves to catch it and hold it by using robot hand. After it hold the ball it starts to search for the castle. The Scorer has two other IR sensors to find the castle and the castle also has an IR emitting circuit. Therefore when the Scorer find the castle it goes through the castle to make score and goalll!:)


Scorer provides the contact by its LCD. It gives messages of all the steps that it follows. 


Main circuit of the Scorer is controlled by PIC16F877. 


The castle with IR emitting circuit prepared by using PIC16F84.

The main body of the Scorer at the beginning of building.


Scorer in progress with IR sensors.



I'll prepare the video soon.



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