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Simple Planetary Rover

Travels around, sends video
RX_program.bas1006 bytes

This is my new project, a semi RC controlled 4WD rover. The pan/tilt-unit for the camera and the camera itself are still missing. I've ordered a KX171 G2 color CCD camera, 900MHz/500mW audio/video transmitter and receiver from http://www.rangevideo.com.



Camera pan/tilt unit finished and mounted on the rover:


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Very neat and well executed build. I'm guessing this isn't your first attempt judging by the professional build quality.


I've built around 200 robots, beginning at the early 80s.

The platform actually can be bought here: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=6172366043

But I did a lot of modification as the quality was not good: I changed the bearings, re-machined the plexiglass, changed the geared motors, built all PCBs. The design is in general ok but I want to re-build it in aluminium later with stronger geared motors and bigger aluminium wheels with special tread pattern.

Where did you buy those motors? 

Motors were included in the platform I bought.

Do you know if there is an English language version of that website?

taobao is a kind of Chinese Ebay. As far as I remember there exists now also taobao in English, but for the seller I've mentioned I don't think so.

looking forward to a video of the rover mashing, that is if it does mash and you upload a vid.  It looks awesome

First video is done. Just need to find a way to upload it on youtube :)

Lovin' the transparent chassis, love the "secondary gear boxes" and stand-offs. Nice auxillary PCB's. No spaghetti.


Thanks, man.

I think this is the first comment of you ever :)