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Pushes itself around, freeweelin'


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This was in a series of robots I made when I was really fond of the idea that instead of giving a robot wheels with traction, it should just be "something" that could push itself around on free roling wheels.

Hard to explain, but take a look at this:


It is tha base of an old Nielfisk Vaakum Cleaner. 

Wouldn't it be fun to have a robot placed on top, with arms that it could push itself around with? (whatch video to catch my drift)

I want to do more of that kind some day soon ;)

I mainly show you this because of the video; I hung up a camera behind my head, and a remote in my hand to start it every now and then - just as an experiment, I would love to see other peoples ways of building, filmed that way :) (I know I am a mess, btw)

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hey i am impressed with your robots .

would you like to give me more detail about your robots . plz tell what sort of stuff you have used .can you plz send me the circuit diagram if you have .


I love watching your videos!


What is that Cutter Thingy called in the video I want one but then I realized I don't even know the name of it.

Wll, I live in Denmark. And in danish it's called "En fukings stor tang!"

Your profile do not tell where you are from, so I do not know what to translate to. I do not know what it is in English though. Anyone?

Yeah, I live in California, United States and I speak English. If anyone know the name in english it would be very helpful.

If you mean the big red cutty thing cutting the piano wire, they're bolt cutters.

I've never seen the cutters Frits uses to cut the wooden strips before - strange looking things.

Google translator translates your name for them into "A fukings large seaweed".  However . . . if you treat it as Norwegian it translates as "Fucking big pliers" which makes much more sense.


Oh yes, that would be the thing! Thanks :D

so cool tell us about the wiring


You will have to look in the manual for the board. It is hooked up stright after that :)
Very creative. Sort of like a grasshopper. Nice video but not much on wood. My next solar bot will have to be wood for sure so I learned some. Very nice video.