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Pushes itself around, freeweelin'


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This was in a series of robots I made when I was really fond of the idea that instead of giving a robot wheels with traction, it should just be "something" that could push itself around on free roling wheels.

Hard to explain, but take a look at this:


It is tha base of an old Nielfisk Vaakum Cleaner. 

Wouldn't it be fun to have a robot placed on top, with arms that it could push itself around with? (whatch video to catch my drift)

I want to do more of that kind some day soon ;)

I mainly show you this because of the video; I hung up a camera behind my head, and a remote in my hand to start it every now and then - just as an experiment, I would love to see other peoples ways of building, filmed that way :) (I know I am a mess, btw)

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My all time favorite robot building video... I love the humour in it :-).

Actually it teaches some very important lessons to new robot builders - for example the thing about differential steering. I'm looking forward to the next video :-) 

Thank you AGAIN, my only friend in this so far lonely universe :)

Should anyone else ever drop by, they will think that we are the same person, just me shoulder-padding myself :D

Well - untill you come up with some of your stuff, that will show that we are NOT the same person, your soldering is so cleeean, and your tchnics of coding are so advaaanced, Get some material up here, i'll shoulder-pad you the same second!


 Oh - BTW;  the differential steering-issue: That was the main reason why this robot did not work very well at all, front-wheels just skidding..

We'll try to get the videos larger, and also add own upload, so we aren't forced to use Google. 

/ Frits 

It is a really unique design. Maybe you should see how off-road it is, maybe even make it climb stairs!
so are these servo controllers just like microcontrollers?
excellent video!

Great video, I want to learn to make robots already ! 
(Thanks for the explanations too, they are pretty useful.)

Great video, wonderful style.

I laughed.   "Measuring Thingy", I always wondered what it was called.  You hate wheels, I hate wire connections, we (and Martha Stuart) love hot glue :)

 I was wondering if you could tell me what you used to do the video editing - specifically the captions.

 Best Regards,


Funny I often get asked what I use for video-software.. But my answer is SO boring; I just use what comes with the OS, Mac and PC - just the free stuff from the most boring platforms :)

Guess it is like little chips; cannot do much - buuut with a litle patience and tweaking you can actually get something out of it ;)

(Mac is far better though, this one was made on a Mac - I hate PC/MS, actually - but I use what is near; YDM was made on PC) 

/ Fritsl

Do you program with a mac? or do you just use your mac for video software? I would love to know because I have a macbook pro and I was looking around to see if it is possible to program on a mac. 




Yes, I (also) program on mac. All platforms, I have many computers :D