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Sky dives

Skydiver can move on the ground or be lifted on a weather balloon. During its whole mission the robot measures the background  resp. cosmic radiation and capture videos, which are stored on a micro SD card.

The body is a plastic lunch box, quite stabile and easy to drill. I have replaced the previous track platform by a RC buggy chassis:

The Geiger counter clicks will be transmitted by a hacked 0.5W walkie-talkie:

On its top of the robot will be a release mechanism mounted to seperate the robot from the weather ballon when the required altitude is reached (timer):

The parachute is made from Nylon and has a diameter of 1.5m:

The camera is mounted above the ping. The ultrasonic sensor and camera point downward during descent. I am planning to use two retrorockets, mounted on the robot, to decelerate the fall at the last few meters. The rockets are triggered by the ping. If the surface is reached (and the robot still not damaged), the parachute will be decoupled and ping and camera horizontal aligned before the robot continue its journey on the ground.

Skydiver hanging out:

Retrorockets mounted:

Geiger counter board finished:

More soon...

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What RC Chassis did you use? I have a Losi Mini-Sprint I was thinking about doing some kind of Robot project with.

Nice project you have going there.

I don't know which RC chassis it is exactly. I got it second hand from a friend who is running a small model shop here in Shanghai, chassis plus motor controller for 40 bucks.

If the chute doesn't open and the rockets fail will that mean you have made a SplatBot too?  :P

A very dangerous Splatbot I guess :P Maybe I should compete at Sparkfun's Antimov :D

Can you post some info on how you mounted the bin to the RC chassis? Also, what RC chassis is that?


Will the radiation be that much different at only 1km up? I realise you will be further away from radiation on the ground but you will still have over 90% of the atmosphere blocking any cosmic radiation. Admittedly I do not know much about the various forms of radiation.

Ni hao Oddbot,

The cosmic radiation on the top of the Eiffel tower is already measurable greater than on the ground: http://french.lovetoknow.com/History_of_the_Eiffel_Tower


How are you tracking where it lands?

Hi Patrick,

The robot will be released around 1km above ground and the parachute is quite big and should be visible. Additional the walkie-talkie  transmitter can be used as tracking device. I have then to mount a Yagi antenna on the second walkie-talkie.

What's the range of the walkie talkie pair?