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the smack-into-walls-a-lot


this is my first robot, it isn't that complacated. two switches, a on off and on switch some wires bateries and thats all. the switch on top is the on off and on switch, the stick is the "sensor" there is a hole in the stick so when it hits a wall it hits the switch and reverses the diretion.

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Fun video. I see now that you have two motors, and you turn on one to go one direction and turn on the other to reverse.

A concept you may want to look into is an h-bridge. You can build a simple one with switches, just like you have used. It will let you use one motor, and run it in forward or reverse depending on the position of the switches.

You could keep both motors, but with a little change to the switches, you can run both motors in the same direction until the switch is toggled. Then both motors run in the opposite direction.

This improvement would teach you something new, and requires very little change to your current design. We use h-bridges for bi-directional motor control all the time!