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snake bot

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hello all,long time no online.i miss you.

this is my second hobby servo based bot.it is still in progress,i will keep updated.the body design was refer thinkbots.com's article.

the below is some working photos.i want to make a 4~8 frame snake.



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I was surprised to see my robot design up here without any credit.

This robot was designed by Karl Williams and is called Serpentronic. The details can be found in AMPHIBIONICS - Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Robots (ISBN 0-07-141245).




Hi, Karl. I do see a reference in the post to thinkbotics.com, so it is credited now if it wasn't before.

I took a look around your website. You have some very nice articles, projects and products. I hope we see you around on LMR.


bot making is an art thing,i love in it.


I wonder why no one has reply this snake yet. Herhaps not much info or no video upload yet. Awaiting to see your exciting video ;)

I also think that if photos are actually uploaded, rather than having to click on each one, would help as well :)

Look at his previous works, it's amazing about the way he make everything tiny and compact. You can even just give it a nice cute shell and ready to go for production!