Let's Make Robots!

Spinal the Vibrobot 02

Vibrate around

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very nice vibrobot

have you considered making it solar powered?

That cool, but the cost to build at least $5 because 1 pager motor= 2.49 and battery =$1

Not if you salvage all the parts.

I am a big "Fan" of these Bots - totally unpredictable.

The red scorpion like tail gives it lots of "Sting"

Big "thumbs up" here.

Thats freaking cool. :D
It looks and moves like a water bug. You should build a... a..... what do you call a group of water bugs? a herd? flock? gaggle?
I love vibrobots, especially odd-number-legged ones. They make me smile :)
i think it is possible to use 2 pager motors placed in strategic positions in order  to steer the critter
Ya, should be fairly easy using one of the BEAM two-motor engines, like FLED. A vibrating differential drive. That would make me smile more haha.

your vibrobot is very elegant

mine is only scaring