Let's Make Robots!

Spinal the Vibrobot 02

Vibrate around

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Pretty Great!!!

Love the movement! These kind of 'bots are always fun to make.

Well done :)

I love spazzy 'bots like these. Check out these little toys, reminds me of your 'bot!



Cool vibrobot! I made one like that aabout a month ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8v6_DTNxUk&feature=channel_page: the vibrobot

your vibrobot is very elegant

mine is only scaring 


It looks and moves like a water bug. You should build a... a..... what do you call a group of water bugs? a herd? flock? gaggle?
Thats freaking cool. :D

That cool, but the cost to build at least $5 because 1 pager motor= 2.49 and battery =$1

Not if you salvage all the parts.

very nice vibrobot

have you considered making it solar powered?