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Navigates via ultrasound

Hi all, new to the group. Here's my first robot project ever - "SprintBot"

 I do laser engraving and cutting as a business, so the chassis of the bot was fairly straight forward for me. I found the original idea and drawings here http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-an-OAWR-Obstacle-Avoiding-Walking-Rob/?newComment=true#comments and redid them to suit my needs.

 As of tonight it walks and the servo points and the Parallax Ping triggers, but I get no readings from it :-( so... more work to be done.

 Here's the code I used to debug the sensor (gleamed from this site) -

 LET DIRSC = %00000000
 PULSIN 0, 1, W0
 sertxd ("The value is ",#W0,cr,lf)
 pause 500   ‘ short delay
 goto main   ‘ jump back to the start

just added the sertxd stuff from the manual.

Any ideas on the ping??





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can u put a vid on wat it does?


i just wanna ask what do  i need with SRF05 sensor,do i need some specific electrical equipments ?

You should ask that at the component SRF05, so that everyone else will be able to find it, not at a random robot. Thanks.

Very cool!

 Could you add a picture  to show, how you've put your project board together? I'd like to see that, if I may. 



Dan, no problem. I'll take a closeup of the board and post it. Is there a specific question on how to hook something up?

Sounds great! I'll look foreward to it.

 No specific questions just yet - but if that happens, I'll know where to ask ;-)

Dan, here's the pic -



Awesome! I'm making the same offer, I'd love to cover the cost of everything and throw in some extra for beers, as long as you don't go and buy something gross like Bud Light or any Miller products.

I just downloaded the program, now let's see if I can learn it!

How about you start a seperate off-topic forum listing good beer and "evil empire beer (Miller)"?