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Start Here Robot - Bigtrak Jr hack

Navigate around using an IR Rangefinder
BTJr_Main.zip2.01 KB
Wall_Following.zip1.25 KB

My First attempt at a robot, basically the LMR start here bot hacked out of a BigTrak Jr.

If I added on all the time researching to the build time it would be HUGE, lol. Learn't alot tho.

Next I'd like to try sort out the drifting / wheel spin problem it has.

And then try some Wall following / Maze solving. Any Hints?

I've include my code as well, for anyone who wants to modify (or see if there's anything wrong with it)

UPDATE 16/12/11

I got my BigTrak to wall follow as well, at the moment it's two set's of code but I'd like to make a button menu at some stage.

It uses a rolling Average from the IR sensor to sort out the gitters (random readings) and a Last Command variable to stop sending to many repeat commands to the motor controller.

Code is uploaded in ZIP's as LMR won't let me upload INO files yet :-) Arduino's new file type.

Next Up, Maze Solving / Shortest route finding, or Maybe Line Following.

And I don't think this robot is ever going to be completed, He'll just keep growing (until I run out of memory anyway)

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oooh, a cool version of the SHR, looks very vintage, i like it! i like it a lot!

Good job!