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Walks over rough terrain

Sterylite6000 is a large and somewhat unusual robot.  Originally it was designed to use only six servos.  This worked resonably well, but did not get good ground clearance on the back legs.  Not it has four servos, one added to each ankle. So now it is big, fast, and can cover very rough ground.  It weighs almost 11 lbs, which is pretty heavy for a walking robot. 

Another unusual feature of Sterylite6000 is that its frame is a plastic shoebox.  It gets its name from the plastic maker, plus "6000" because it originally had six servos.  Another unusual feature is that it gets its ground clearance from two really stron robozone servos mounted on either side. For sensors, Sterylite6000 has a compass to help it go a particular direction. 

Sterylite won second place in the walker challenge at Robogames in 2010. 

You can see more about the develoment of Sterylite6000 at www.trailofdestruction.com



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A realy cool walker my friend. I love this kind of robots. It has 10 servos if I'm right ?

Great job.

Yes, it uses 10 servos and four of them are kind of redundant because they just keep the feet level with the hips.  It worked pretty well with six servos and at some point I would like to try to make another six servo walker.  Since I was building it for the walker challenge I was doing everything I could to maximize ground clearance. 

Really nice walking bot ... !