Let's Make Robots!


I thought it was time to do something with legs. While roaming the store I found jumbo wooden sticks and for some twisted reason I thought I should use them to build the whole robot. It's work in progress, but the pictures show what I have so far... and the glory of Elmer's glue.






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Looking good, I love the simplicity. I can't wait to see it in action! :)
Without any way to lift the legs, shift the center of gravity, or produce differential friction I don't think you'll have much luck getting around with that current setup. As it is I imagine the bot will just sort of shuffle back and forth when you run the servos.
Do you have any changes in mind for the body?
It's work in progress. There will be a 3rd servo in the middle of the body with a leg lifting either left or right side. I am waiting for the servo so I haven't fixed the design in my head yet.

So the mid-body servo will have it's own pair of legs? If so that's solid arrangement;I've used the so-called 'tripod' gait before, and it's pretty common in nature. Can't go wrong with at least 3 legs on the ground at all times.

Yes that's the idea. Either full legs or stubby pegs of sorts. I haven't really decided yet. I want to try different configurations.

I am sure whatever I end up with will need tuning. I have zero experience with legged bots, so I'm not clear on how much tuning I can do in software with servo positions and how much needs to happen on the mechanical end of things by tweaking proportions and what now. Thankfully sticks are very cheap and very quick for builds!