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Tank wars!


September 16, 2009: 

This is a small platform I'm designing to test different control algorithms for my undergrad thesis. It's simple so far, consisting of a pic18f452 microcontroller, USB to UART board and dual motor driver board, both from Sparkfun and the ubiquitous tracked chassis from Tamiya. Optical encoders are present, but not incorporated into the circuit yet.

 As of a few minutes ago, I got a simple Python script running that accepts input from the keyboard to control movement. The video should show that. 

 That's about all for now, it's going to get more exciting when the second one is built and the IR platform is attached. As the title suggests, the demonstration for my thesis is going to be a tank wars like game pitting a series of algorithms up against a human player. : ) 

 I'm still not very good at controlling it yet..... 

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long range wireless control. do it. Intresting idea though....

May be nice to try with a couple of huumanoids...

Eventually it's going wireless :)

 A real PCB will be built once the many bugs and design flaws are sorted out. I'll hopefully have the hardware done by the weekend, and put up the sensors and attach the encoders so I can just get to coding.  

MY robot can find and shoot yours with and shoot your with an airsoft pellet. 

Just a teaser, the rest is classified.


Supercapacitor+Laser+Blue Thunder = Laser-based Weaponry = -14karma


Simple math...We learned this in highschool, remember?

sweet upgrade, you win.