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TTP - TheTankProject V2

Navigates remote controled by another computer
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Hi there!


After seeing the tank tracks that amando96 did for his AATV, me and Purdom decided to build our own tank.

We've started building it last Saturday and here are the first movies and photos.

The tracks are really good and easy to make, they just take a lot of pacience.

It uses two 15€ drills' motors, but instead of an metal chassis our has a wooden one.

We use a netbook on the robot just as Calex64 uses on his PROTOS III to reduce the costs and to facilitate the comunications.

On the controller PC we have a processing application that sends an information of a key we press over an ad hoc wireless network, on the robot PC we have an other application that intrepretates the information and sends it to the arduino that decides what command gives to the servos witch move the switches that control the motors.







UPDATE - 27 Sep 2010:

Here is the second version. I've built a new chassis, smaller but stronger.

I've made a tutorial about the control method that I use, which you can find here.

The movie of the second version was the last I've recorded before running out of batteries, that's why the tank was so slow. 





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Brutal! :D

Awesome work, could you be more specific on the type of communication you're using through the ad hoc connection? Are you just openning sockets via TCP/IP or...?

I've created the network like it is explained on this website:



Then I've created the application SimpleServer that is attached which runs on the controller computer just as the SimpleClient which runs on the robot computer.

awesome XicoMBD..too good

LMR tank invasion!


How are you controlling the motors? home made controller?

Nope, I've opened the original switch, took out the little metal balls, closed it again and attached the servo. Just as in the photo:

cool robot, btw , wat servos are those, wat is it's torque.. i was just wondering

They're the cheapest I've found, I've bought 8 for 5,70€ each.


Top Line Servo RS2

Size: standard

 4.8V - 3.2 Kg.cm (32 N.cm); 6V - 3.5 Kg.cm (35 N.cm)
 3 Kg.cm (30 N.cm)

This gives me an idea, I want to use SMALLER Chain, say #25 as tank treads. The vehicle will be smaller. Thats the reason for the smaller chain. Now to find some pipe I can cut down.

This is a great idea, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

The original ones from amando96, are smaller, too. 

He explains very well how to make them on his tutorial.

Maybe you should see this robot page...