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VHP-Alfa Hexapod

Chopsticks_Kit.zip9.14 KB

Parts List:

chassis:       Lazer cut aloy 

Servos:         MG995  x18

                    MG90S x2

Controller:     Arduino Mega 2560

  Mega Sensor Shield V2

Other Parts:     7.2V 2A Battery

                       IR Component Eye

                      Purchased a DAGU - Wild Thumper High Power Switch to try and connect a 7.2V 2A battery to the Shield.  Not sure this is the answer yet, Im open to ideas

Code: Arduino C (Working on it)


This is my first Hexapod robot, I wanted to build one that used existing parts out there for 2 reasons. Firstly it saved a lot of research time trying to figure out how to make the chassis. and secondarily after a lot of "figure it all out yourself!" abuse from the arduino open source forum, I wanted to be able to make this something anyone could build. After looking around I found the Chopsticks robot the best concept to suet my requirements. so Im modling my robot programming on that. My hexapod obviously only has 6 legs so im just not going to attach the "back" (leg 7 and 8) onto my robot. the good thing is that if i decide to make a robot with 8 legs the code is already there.

Not sure how to inbed videos on here

this is the head working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLxsZo9mwU0

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The foot witches (like on Chopsticks) i have made using the servo horns that were not used from the servo packes.  I did this because I wanted to utalise what I already had instead of buying more stuff,  keeps the cost down and less to think about when ordering the parts yourself

Would anyone be prepared to help me with my arduino scetch?

I have sorted my servo problem out, I had a bizar batch of servos, I ordered some new MG995s for another project and when they arrived they looked different to the MG995s that came for my hexapod.  When I swapped them over they now hold heir position correctly.  Very strange!

My main issue is that the LEDs on the IR Compound Sensor are very dull. If I load a different scetch into my Arduino mega the Infa red LEDs are bright when I look at them on my phone camara.  With the scetch that I want to use for my Hexapod they are dull and the sensor dosent move the servos.  Is there a way of incresing the voltage to the LEDs? or something?

My second thing is I am using the Chopsticx code as a base code and I want to remove the second IR component out of the code.  This is not so important as im hoping I can at least just not plug the second sensor in and it work.  

Ill have attached the code im using if anyone is up for a chalange :)  If not suggestions would be good :)

That's a very nice project.

I have still some settings to adjust on my SmartRap, but the idea is to start with a 4 legs thing.

At that point, I hope I could share with you some code or just help a bit.

Hi the code I am using is for a robot with 8 legs,  however you can be selective about what legs you use,  so you could use legs 1 - 4   i would use legs 1 - 6 and someone built an octopod they would use all 8

if your doing the same sort of project id love to colaberate with youwether we use thechopsticks code or not