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VHP-Alfa Hexapod

Chopsticks_Kit.zip9.14 KB

Parts List:

chassis:       Lazer cut aloy 

Servos:         MG995  x18

                    MG90S x2

Controller:     Arduino Mega 2560

  Mega Sensor Shield V2

Other Parts:     7.2V 2A Battery

                       IR Component Eye

                      Purchased a DAGU - Wild Thumper High Power Switch to try and connect a 7.2V 2A battery to the Shield.  Not sure this is the answer yet, Im open to ideas

Code: Arduino C (Working on it)


This is my first Hexapod robot, I wanted to build one that used existing parts out there for 2 reasons. Firstly it saved a lot of research time trying to figure out how to make the chassis. and secondarily after a lot of "figure it all out yourself!" abuse from the arduino open source forum, I wanted to be able to make this something anyone could build. After looking around I found the Chopsticks robot the best concept to suet my requirements. so Im modling my robot programming on that. My hexapod obviously only has 6 legs so im just not going to attach the "back" (leg 7 and 8) onto my robot. the good thing is that if i decide to make a robot with 8 legs the code is already there.

Not sure how to inbed videos on here

this is the head working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLxsZo9mwU0

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That's a very nice project.

I have still some settings to adjust on my SmartRap, but the idea is to start with a 4 legs thing.

At that point, I hope I could share with you some code or just help a bit.

Hi the code I am using is for a robot with 8 legs,  however you can be selective about what legs you use,  so you could use legs 1 - 4   i would use legs 1 - 6 and someone built an octopod they would use all 8

if your doing the same sort of project id love to colaberate with youwether we use thechopsticks code or not

Would anyone be prepared to help me with my arduino scetch?

I have sorted my servo problem out, I had a bizar batch of servos, I ordered some new MG995s for another project and when they arrived they looked different to the MG995s that came for my hexapod.  When I swapped them over they now hold heir position correctly.  Very strange!

My main issue is that the LEDs on the IR Compound Sensor are very dull. If I load a different scetch into my Arduino mega the Infa red LEDs are bright when I look at them on my phone camara.  With the scetch that I want to use for my Hexapod they are dull and the sensor dosent move the servos.  Is there a way of incresing the voltage to the LEDs? or something?

My second thing is I am using the Chopsticx code as a base code and I want to remove the second IR component out of the code.  This is not so important as im hoping I can at least just not plug the second sensor in and it work.  

Ill have attached the code im using if anyone is up for a chalange :)  If not suggestions would be good :)

The foot witches (like on Chopsticks) i have made using the servo horns that were not used from the servo packes.  I did this because I wanted to utalise what I already had instead of buying more stuff,  keeps the cost down and less to think about when ordering the parts yourself