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produce chaotic drawings with his pen
paintbot01.bas1.11 KB

Adding some infos:

I use LDR for two purposes:
1) gather random bits in order to affect motor speed (PWM)
2) determine if the robot is stuk. Comparing subsequent readings i got a delta. If the delta i always near 0 then the robot is stuck in a corner so I reverse the motor to bouce off the wall.
That's all, no much complexity. Great differences in the drawings can be obtained changhing legs lenght and material and sliding the motor position a bit forward or backward on the body.

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Creative Roboting. All your little bots are inspirational, but this one beats them all. You should make a signature to put at the bottom of the drawings. 

ah - great!

but  it's solar? I don't see any panels, or caps for that matter..

ed. Ah "solar motor" =/= solar powered.

Is the vibro motor changing direction? how are you accomplishing that?

ed. It pays to read the part that says "picaxe"


can I request some worms-eye view photos?


How about putting a crayon of different colours in each of the three supports - say; red, green & blue, instead of black and two blank supports?

I can see you're stopping and starting the motor (reversing?) in the video, but how about using PWM on the 08m to vary the speed which may give more drawing variation, or is that what the LDR is doing?

Ta for the update - I see now you already had it covered, and a 'stuck in a corner' detector too.

Your videos show much more interesting patterns than most vibrowriters.


I was googleing about "attractors" , chaotic system theory...

i think this system display attractors: Borders! :)

More of a bounded chaotic system at the moment I think, but if you had a concave 'playing field' then that would be an attractor.