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ersatile Programmable Experimental Robot

ViPER is not done as of now, but I do have The Motherboard (18F4620) and the LCD board done. I am working on finishing the Motherboard and the Motor Driver board. I had to do some repair on my LCD's Backlight, as the pins themselves were not working, so I had to make a jumper cable for it.

Picture overview and explanation:
001: Overview of the entire ViPER system.

002: Motherboard, with a great picture you can read the PIC

003: LCD board with pot to adjust the brightness.

004: Fixed LCD put into socket.

005: entire system again.

More stuff soon.


The great thing about the ViPER system, is all you have to do is make a new module and connect it up to one of the 2x5 headers. That's all there is to it. 

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How are the 2x5 headers configured? Are they all identical copies in parallel?

Do you know about the existing drive for a modular solution?  http://letsmakerobots.com/node/551

the 2x5's are configured as such:


1   3    5    7    9

2   4    6    8    10


1: VSS

2-9: 8 bit ports



Only pins 1 and 10 stay in the same position, but 2-9 data pins depend on the ports on the PIC.


I was thinking of potentially making and selling these units once I get a etching system set up.


I would be glad to collaborate on the modular system. 

I'm trying to make a list of modules. How would you envisage an I2C interface to a 2-line LCD might work?
I dont know, I would have to think. That would require an 1 wire module, not to mention a add on to the LCD. ITs possible.

Nonononono. The deal is we design and build the modules from scratch. I don't understand your definition of "module" but most Pics have a built-in hardware I2C interface.

NB - I2C is a two-wire synchronous interface. One clock line and one bidirectional data line. The concept is that the Pic would BE the "add-on" for the LCD, which gives it an I2C interface.

modules I have come up with:

LCD module

Motor Module

Sensor interface module

PWM module

 any others?

Loads, but this isn't the place. I'm going to post a list and some basic specs soon.

Thanks for the input. Stay on it.