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(w/ Video )First Arduino Robot, Light Seeker

Seek Light

This is a simple Arduino Light seeker. It has an Arduino Duemilinove on board. It is powered by 2 AA batteries for logic( with boost converter), and 4 AA batteries for the motors. I used a Tamiya treaded robot base, but anything with skid steering will work. Well documented and Code here on Instructables. Please check it out.

I finally got around to posting a video!

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How's it working? Could you post a video?

What will you do next?

The robot works very well and was very accurate when tracking light. I made the robot last year and I recently rebuilt it to post an Instructable. The robot has now evolved to a robot with bluetooth control and is now expanding with a camera for many features like color tracking and such. I am too young for a youtube account, But with the help of my dad, I'll try to post a video in the summer.

I got a video posted now