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Wall-e style Robot

Navigate aroun via IR sensors

  I saw the moive wall-e and like him so I decided to build a wall-e style chassie.  I am useing cheap wood, Two servo motor, track set from robotshop.ca, and the B.o.e from parallax.  I am still not finished obviolsy since it is missing the top and baI am ck side and the head.  going to put two IR on the side and in his head maybe the ping sensor from parallax.

    I bought a Hitech IR disctanes sensor and ididnot have a pin out, tried googleing for it but no luck



Pic of inside of walle useing duck tape to keep the front up so I can see what it looks like with the lcd on.  I usally use hot glue for connecting peaces together.

Inside wallE

The Borad of education with bs2 and a 7.2 V batery pack from lnxymotion.   I wish there was a way to program this wirelessly.



The servos are bit to weak I am think of ether getting bigger servos or adventuring into useing a motor control and dc morotor.  What you guys think?


 I hope you like it and I would love  Some constroctive advise on the build of the chase and the whole Idea of the robot.  


Thank, you 


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That's pretty cool! As for the sensor, try this diagram:


...so the tabbed side would be on the left, I believe

 The signal pin will go high when an object is detected within 15 cm, but stay low otherwise.



 IF pin1 = 1 THEN GOTO ObjectDetected

 IF pin1 = 0 then GOTO main



(your code here)



where pin1 is the input pin 

That is kind of general BASIC code, so don't copy and paste. I believe you need first tell the BS2 to set pin1 to an input.

 Hope that helps! 

 Oh, and by the way I got the picture from http://www.sentex.net/~mec1995/hobby/servopin.htm     

Don't panic, the Futuba and Hitec servo connectors are compatible.