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Walter 2.1 Walter Gets His Voice!

*** Update 9.27.09 ***


 Well, it has happened! Walter has gotten his voice... I was a bit surprised however, he is American made but is English brains still remember thier origins it seems! Who knew that Walter was English?

Watch the top video...



Hey Folks,

I know it has been a while since my last Walter update. Been busy. This is really not quite a proper post, with tons of details, but really, I just need to get something up. The video is pretty self-explanatory and I will have another one up soon showing the remote. 

For past Walter posts:

Go Here

Go Here

That's it for now --Some pictures below and more soon.

--Hey Frits, Now that I finally did an update post, does you offer still stand? (Will Walter ever talk?)



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good to see what youve been upto all this while,
whalters making good progress
Tom J
Walter rocks!
The eyes on walter 2.0 are sweet! Nice job!
heh, saw the video last night. Aside from all the impressive tech and boards, the chassis looks much nicer now that its been filled in. Also the LED eyes are awesome. Keep the updates coming.
Like the head. Can you make the eyes blink?

Each eye has 2 leds, red and blue (high output). Each of those 4 leds can be independantly controlled via pwm and/or switched on or off via transistor. Blinking, winking, back-and-forth, disco, color fades, red on one side-blue on the other and every color in between. They can do anything!

Not to mention, they can produce any color from red to blue PLUS any colour from red to blue.


Offtopic: Did you try the (A OR B) = NOT (NOT (A)   AND   NOT (B)) interrupt thingy? 

I finally got sick of it and figured out a work-around. In the end I got done what I needed to get done, but it was just not as tight a solution as I wanted.
Looking great? Your o8m beacon is just doing IROUT the whole time?

Yeah, the 08M is simply spitting out a constant signal with a little pause. Something like:


serout stuff

pause 10

goto main


That's it.