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Wood & Glue take two

roams a maze

This is the next iteration of my way to a maze solver. Frame and motors is the same at seen in Wood and Glue roller http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29816

As seen in the video it only roams around the maze by random, I'm just trying to get the program to behave. At the moment I'm not sure if my approach in the code is at all sane.

Here is my homemade 5 point line sensor, built around TCRT5000's

The transistor seen there is a bc547 used to drive the 5 LEDs.

Everything is still running on 2volt

A few notes, mostly to my self, about the color coding on the line array sensor. (yes I am about to reuse it, but have lost the old notes)

  • Blue/white : emitter enable
  • Blue : gnd
  • Orange : vcc
  • Green/white: sensor 1
  • Brown/white: sensor 2
  • Orange/white: sensor 3
  • Brown : sensor 4
  • Green : Sensor 5

Remember to enable internal pull-up on the uC

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What a cool little one! 

getting more than it gives!