Let's Make Robots!

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cevinius: Will be very interesting to see what they find!
jinx: lol
cevinius: Then we can invade and kick the dwarfs off their dwarf planet? :P
jinx: kind of hoping"
jinx: ceres gonna be dirty rock like the moon, kind of for sexy et , hot spring and bit of drinking water
jinx: dont know which pics
cevinius: We're invading a small planet?
basile: @jinx: in the pictures you sent what am I looking at?
basile: an Android-BoB!!!
cevinius: Hi Jinx
basile: hi jinx
jinx: good morning LMR
cevinius: Still more to do on it... but probably will need to wait for next weekend.
cevinius: I did a lot of designing and 3d printing.
cevinius: I had a quiet weekend. Was feeling too tired.
cevinius: Sounds like a great weekend!
basile: how about you?