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mogul: anybody online with a calibrated delta printer who cares to make a measure for me?
Yahmez: Need to print it out now...
Yahmez: So I made a new base that uses a thrust bearing.
Yahmez: I made a new base for the mearm... the original base is a bad design... all resting on the base servo shaft.
Yahmez: Hi Oss
ossipee: hi Enigmerald, Yahmez, k120, cevenius o/
K120189: work today \o/
Yahmez: Weekend! \o/
Enigmerald: I am fine. How is everyone doing?
cevinius: Hi Enig, K120
K120189: mornin folks. servos come today \o/
bdk6: Hello Enigma
Yahmez: Hi Enigmerald, how are you?
Yahmez: Saved!
Enigmerald: Hello bdk, yahmez, mogul o/
bdk6: That has the TTS algorithm and code
bdk6: Here is the original 1972 paper
bdk6: This will be the basis (in simplified form) of the formant(sound) generation