Let's Make Robots!

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JVarhol: microsoft also has a robotics studio I saw
Maxhirez: Probably getting sick of that shot, eh bdk?
JVarhol: oh cool
bdk6: There are tons of books and tutorials online for getting started with Visual Studio
bdk6: Install it to sue C++ as the main language and you can use C and C++. You can also use other languages if you desire.
bdk6: You write programs with it and run them on your PC.
JVarhol: good bye yahmez
Yahmez: Oh happy 35th computer day bdk
JVarhol: the visual studio
bdk6: Good night Yahmez. Sleep well.
bdk6: what does what do?
Yahmez: Sleep... Later Gentlemen. Have a good evening!
JVarhol: so what does it do now
bdk6: Ah, it just occurred to me that this month marks the 35th anniversary of me getting my hands on a computer.
bdk6: I started on CP/M. there were no subdirectories. I appreciate them.
Maxhirez: 4 rows of 9 icons on this mac...
Maxhirez: It's my Apple way anyway.
bdk6: I thought that was the standard Apple way.
Maxhirez: I had a boss like that. I've been like that.