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Yahmez: How many components are you thinking about Vis?
viswesh713: hello pete sir
bdk6: Hello Pete
Aniss1001: sushi with chocolate? yummi :P
PeteH: Deep fried Mars Bar!
Aniss1001: but I can't say I understand how that works
Aniss1001: ah yes I remember reading about that on your page for the slave/master arms
Yahmez: Maybe some sushi w/chocolate?
viswesh713: if my opamp works good. i will use it for driving servos
Aniss1001: I wanna try it :P
Aniss1001: for instance: I like fish and I like chocolate so.... doesn't work at all :D
Yahmez: Now now Vis, I know I am not the only one that admires your skills and dedication.
bdk6: Taco soup is like taco fillings made into soup, served on little tortilla chips.
Aniss1001: actually that logic doesn't work at all
Aniss1001: I like tacos and I like soup so...
bdk6: They were used to build analog computers