Let's Make Robots!

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kariloy: yup... I guess I won't be on a whore spree anytime soon
hoff70: first ramps... then megas...
hoff70: slippery slope yer on my man...
hoff70: use micro steppers for spinning radar dealies in helmet!
kariloy: just bought ramps, bearing and drivers
jinx: bit harsh " wanting"
jinx: we all should print that
hoff70: He should want to PP on you for wanting to kill him!
kariloy: collected
jinx: for you that kariloy,, send PP later
hoff70: 1/32 and .9 will be next big thing!
hoff70: super-mega-uber resolution or something...
kariloy: ah good then, got stuff in cart, gonna buy it then
hoff70: That's just for 1/32 micro stepping kariloy. Morgan is unique in that it uses 1/32 and .9 deg motors...
hoff70: use 2 of those and have eyes spin or something...
kariloy: or that is just for hoff?
jinx: bit off nasty link,, am gonna print a carriage in clear blue ,, see how close i get to glass