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demonic_crow: I thought I read something in the SB once about that. Very cool
nschreiber0813: Did you know I am going to use machine vision on my rover 5 so it can self navigate outside.
nschreiber0813: Yeah apparantly.
demonic_crow: can be frustrating
nschreiber0813: ter because I don't have parts. So really nothing much.
nschreiber0813: Oh right now I am bored. Waiting for my dad to give me some tools for my rover 5. He is sleeping now. I can't work on my 3d prin
demonic_crow: how are you
demonic_crow: good, building my 3d printer and now trying to figure out a strange issue
nschreiber0813: So how are you DC.
demonic_crow: don't believe so I usually get on very late and off and on during the day
nschreiber0813: Hi demonic_crow I don't think we have talked before.
demonic_crow: hey everyone
nschreiber0813: Hello LMR :-)
ossipee: Hi ggallant o/
ggallant: Hello all.
ossipee: gotton awefully criptic since he left...
Bajdi: See you later :)
kariloy: the end is nigh... see ya \o
Bajdi: I think it's made to be powered from a 1S Lipo or so
kariloy: ok, good to know... if I happen to fall back again into such realms