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bdk6: IIRC it sums the interrupt vectors. The last is the chksum, which is the 2s complement(negative) of the sum of all previous one
Ladvien: Do I simply skip over the CRP byte? If so, does the ISP handler know to skip it for user code?
bdk6: It means that when you add all the summed words, including the 2s complement checksum, it will sum to 0
Ladvien: Both. I mean to say, I understand I need the 2s compliment to make it "valid" but not sure what that means.
bdk6: "the rest?" you mean other sectors, or within that sector?
Ladvien: I somewhat understand the "check for valid user code," but how do I place the rest of the code in Flash?
bdk6: Me too!
Ladvien: I'm still a little confused about the Flash memory map, especially the CRP bytes.
Ladvien: Thank you, sir. It means a lot.
bdk6: Absolutely. You I will always answer questions for.
Ladvien: Not good timing, but may I ask a couple of questions?
bdk6: I have no interest in proving I'm right.
Ladvien: I wish the SB was more like a Dojo; there, you disrespect someone's skill, they simply show you they are correct. ;)
Ladvien: @Bdk6, haha. No, I actually sent you an email about the very subject matter because I knew you'd be right :)
bdk6: bye Enigma. Good luck on the SAT
Ladvien: @Enig, take care, sir!
Enigmerald: See you soon! Later!
bdk6: I should probably quit saying anything here.
Ladvien: Checking.
bdk6: See the SB posts just before you arrived.