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mogul: approx $5
ossipee: yes the can is pressurized, will do a large car tire 1 min
mogul: it is in a pressurized can I guess? not sure what to look for
ossipee: spin the tire a couple times so it goes all over
ossipee: it works it is like air and foamy glue, mechanics hate it hard to clean up but ok for a one shot I think
mogul: I think I once saw some instant tube seal leak spray, not sure what is was or how much it would be
ossipee: like I said perhaps some tubes cheap over here
mogul: not hit by a train though, not yet
mogul: it has been soaked in water, left in the sun and all kinds of other abuses
ossipee: ah no lucks
mogul: I tried to pump it yesterday, turned flat on both sides pretty quick
ossipee: or over here would just buy a tube for each tire
ossipee: couple things rubber leaks so if it has been a super long time you might just want to pump them up
mogul: I dont mind if the tires are hard or soft. question is I can fill the current ones with something, eg: glue
mogul: two flat tires. I guess the rubber has turned old and poor. new wheels cost approx the same as a new trolley
mogul: I have a trolley like this 6874.jpg
ossipee: CzrA if your doing a search one box up
CzrA: THR-P1