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Ladvien: How are the Halloween projects?
Ladvien: I suppose. Sure don't feel very productive.
bdk6: Better time up front rather than later.
Ladvien: I'm having the hardest time with this motor board. Seems like it's taking me forever to send to the fab.
bdk6: Bye OB. Have a great evening or whatever
Ladvien: Haha.
Ladvien: Have a good morning.
bdk6: Cleveland Steamer. Don't google!
OddBot: sorry guys, gotta go.
Ladvien: It is probably the grossest psychological disorder, I'll state that.
OddBot: I'm not touching that one Lad, as Rox said earlier... Ewww
Ladvien: Although, I hate to be accused of fecalphilia.
Roxanna77: indeed!
Ladvien: Oh! Good idea.
Ladvien: Haha. It's true, couldn't pay me enough; has to be love.
OddBot: Just take a photo and show it to him when he's 18 and complaining how you don't love him
bdk6: When my kids say we don't care about them, I remind them of those times
Ladvien: My boy better never doubt my love for him.
bdk6: I imagine on kids it's pretty bad too
bdk6: poop pants explosions are not fun.