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viswesh713: good night bdk.
bdk6: Bedtime for me. I'm not young like you three! Later guys!
bdk6: I was very fortunate. It was a great deal.
Dan M: (not counting interest and all.)
Dan M: Ha ha, my house only cost $29 thou.
Dan M: Great price.
bdk6: List price new 25 years ago was $22,000
bdk6: I got it for less than any decent new one. I paid $300 with 7 plugins.
bdk6: True.
Dan M: --plus you are still working, whereas I am retired and only play around with robots and such...
Dan M: Cool.
bdk6: I needed more than the 50 MHz I had, and I got such a good deal I couldn't pass up the "new" one.
Dan M: It works for about everything I need.
Dan M: I only bought a 100 mHz as I do not use one that much nowadays and did not want to spend a fortune.
viswesh713: nice
bdk6: one channel 1GHz, or 2 channel 500 MHz, depending on which plugin I use
bdk6: yes
viswesh713: #bdk tektronix scope 1GHz right?
Yahmez: I'm sadly lacking in the o-scope dept.
Dan M: I have a middle quality Techtronix. Dual trace, 100 mHz.