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Enigmerald: oh i see.
viswesh713: i have 1 pic16f controller never used it before
Enigmerald: not that I heard it just now but that I have only heard of PICs never used them
Enigmerald: just heard vis. there's not much going around my place
viswesh713: are you familiar with PIC?
viswesh713: not very expensive
Enigmerald: oh i see. hope they balance the costs in terms of quality
viswesh713: already i ordered few pcb's found on RS components, but they are very expensive
Enigmerald: me too vis. not much idea.
viswesh713: i don't know
Enigmerald: I like robotkits' components.
Enigmerald: hmm, I buy PCBs at a local store. do robokits sell PCBs?
viswesh713: single sided PCB's
viswesh713: i want to buy some PCB, can you suggest me good online store?
Enigmerald: shoot me vis
viswesh713: enig i have a question for you
viswesh713: i am waiting for hoff
jinx: they have us living in fear of a lemon tree next
jinx: never trust a person who nods their heads that much