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Yahmez: Aww man. that sucks
cevinius: It's awful singing, sometimes with an electronic keyboard, and sometimes with really bad electric guitar.
cevinius: They are really bad with the music.
cevinius: Hahaha! :D
Yahmez: hehe instead of cookies it's sacrament.
cevinius: Hacking their prayer packets! :D
cevinius: Seems to be making things a bit like teh 60s again with segregation.
Yahmez: lol you are hacking their prayers? >:)
cevinius: I was reading about that Indiana stuff and it seems a bit backwards to me.
cevinius: There should be that!
Yahmez: In the US there is a lot of 'freedom of religion talk/laws happening... I wanna see the "freedom from religion" bill personally.
cevinius: I haven't, but I'm just injecting my nasty thoughts into their prayers since I assume it passes by us as it goes up to God. :P
cevinius: I want to complain.
cevinius: With their awful singing at 3pm on weekdays.
cevinius: And they annoy me.
cevinius: I'm not anti-religious, but we have a Christian church downstairs of our office.
Yahmez: hehe just kidding around... We used to but didn't last year. Just renewed.
cevinius: I definitely don't use my gym thing enough. :( OK, time to use it and stop wasting money!
cevinius: Do you go often?
cevinius: Haha! Seems like YMCA does a lot more than its original thing now! :D