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bdk6: Morning fellers
jinx: how the motor mount work out mogul
jinx: bolting the the wheel to something i gues!
basile: the wrench? to do what with it?
jinx: yeap even grabbed the wrench
mogul: haven't met Simon's Cat before. he is cute
basile: "when polaris turns up"??? again a marauder hit?
jinx: lol my kitty bad for tormenting me in the morning whacks me with it tail so annoying, feel it should be turned into a hat!!
jinx: when polaris turns up a do a compression test with it prints well basile
jinx: ello basile
basile: hi jinx
jinx: o5s9wpb
jinx: good Morning LMR
mogul: it could indeed bea face, but I wouldn't have seen it unless you told me first
basile: I think here is over 10C
mogul: -7c and snow up here
basile: Doesn't this look like a face or is it just me? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:612409
basile: Bit cold, but ok