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cevinius: Like whatever current data is in the db is an edge case that makes it fail.
cevinius: Hmm. Sounds like the data is confusing it?
Maxhirez: (Not my design but it works in theory and in practice until 5pm Friday apparently.)
Maxhirez: The UI now duplicates fields each time the record is saved.
Maxhirez: Today's example is that a db field erasing function that was working yesterday isn't doing it today.
bdk6: Hi cev
bdk6: Usually the day after it ships
cevinius: Hmm... Stop working in what way?
Maxhirez: You ever have code stop working just because it's the day after you tested it?
Maxhirez: Hi Kevin
cevinius: Hi all.
bdk6: mmm, ok
Maxhirez: damn
Maxhirez: sbpic
bdk6: Making circles in space?
Maxhirez: Found an engineering project for Kariloy if he ever comes back.
Maxhirez: Hi bdk.
bdk6: Hi Max
Maxhirez: And since we've been math obsessed today: 2kma8SV.gif