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viswesh713: my latest audio project.
DaveyJones6911: just fits, but i keep fucking up the wires
viswesh713: hi davey, jerz, bajdi and oss
DaveyJones6911: the led matrix fits in the ball, which is actually a pingpong ball, not a golfball
JerZ: o/ vis
JerZ: I really should finish upgrading my SMD oven firmware, but I want to play with the Pixy now... :P
DaveyJones6911: stupid chat still sticky
viswesh713: hello everyone
DaveyJones6911: i played with attiny a bit
JerZ: They should take that out of the senders ass then.
Bajdi: That's the way it works over here, customs were tired of the Chinese declaring ridiculous values on packages...
JerZ: :O that's crazy.
JerZ: :( bummer.
Bajdi: The bloody bastards didn't declare the right value on the package, means I will have to pay a fine...
JerZ: I really like how it handles all the processing. You could build a robot with an ATTINY with it if you wanted.
Bajdi: Mine is stuck at customs :( Will probably cost me more and in taxes and fines then what I paid for it.
JerZ: Yep, and it is pretty damn neat.
Bajdi: JerZ, playing with Pixy?