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ggallant: @yahmez - what is the status of the laser cutter?
Roxanna77: hi bd
bdk6: howdy
Yahmez: needs more pecs. ;) hehe just kiddin
ggallant: I guess I read (infered) something that wasn't there.
MarkusB: radio?
ggallant: @markus - which radio?
Yahmez: that's a funny video Markus.
MarkusB: thanks
Roxanna77: did
Roxanna77: How dod I miss that totally awesome post!!! Nice work Markus!
Roxanna77: I am jealous!
Yahmez: lol
K120189: ...my veyron using the esp8266 wheres my pla lol
MarkusB: yes, I have several
K120189: the print quality is amazing with pla..btw im about 15 mins of work away from sending a command to...
Roxanna77: Markus, you have emic-2?