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JerZ: o/ CP enjoy
chickenparmi: Fixed :) Ok, breakfast time now
chickenparmi: Ah got it, thanks
hoff70: think markusb used it once...
JerZ: yes, I'm nit picking. :(
hoff70: yea, fritzing has PCB service
JerZ: *after
JerZ: In the donations paragraph, you have a double space anter "I" in the second sentance.
hoff70: Legit!
JerZ: It's nice having it down there where people are stopping to read. ;)
chickenparmi: Done, now have Make ads \o/ Looks legit
JerZ: Agreed
chickenparmi: The name the creator chose isn't the greatest, very misleading
JerZ: I saw that on instructables didn't check it out, but I thought it ran a raspberry pi. hmmm.
chickenparmi: ha, thanks JerZ
chickenparmi: Those items are linked with affiliate links, so if people purchase those parts, I get a percentage from that
chickenparmi: Then see down the bottom "If you would like to build one, you can pick up the components at our Store."
JerZ: Of course the "cool" factor must follow suit, but hey, that's your specialty. :)