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mogul: ordered a couple, just to test them out
mogul: the KIS3R33S is used on some cheap ($1.5) modules I found on aliexpress
Bajdi: that's current technology, but costs $$
Bajdi: My 8A UBEC's I used in my hexapod have a 1.5MHz switch mode regulator
Bajdi: should not be that bad ...
Bajdi: 340kHz switcher I see
mogul: ahh, you use a different one, then you cant help me much with experience
Bajdi: 5V 5A switch mode regulator
mogul: a 5v step down module
Bajdi: KIM3R33?
mogul: @bajdi you know the KIS3R33S module? would you recomend it?
fhareide: Turret looks cool! I want to fit a bb gun on top of my robot.
fhareide: But still have some work to do on smooth movement in all directions
fhareide: True! Your code was my biggest help in getting the robot working.
Bajdi: there is an Arduino library for most problems, you just need find it :D
Bajdi: nice fhareide
ossipee: hi 6677 nothing drawn up yet
fhareide: Thanks for mail btw. I got it working with streamsend.
Bajdi: I have the same one