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6677: is it a good morning, or just a fantasy
jinx: gd morning 66
basile: hi 66
bdk6: I will find the bargains, jinx. But I wanted to just order some right then when I ordered the printer
bdk6: @67, yep
jinx: you not use ebay Bd, there bargains to be had with PLA
6677: inb4 bdk writes his own printer firmware on an lpc
bdk6: printerparts_057sm.jpg
6677: so it's basically a family printer?
bdk6: @basile, black pla from amazon
jinx: i kilo of pellets only cost £5
jinx: need to pull my finger out and start collecting the parts for
basile: @bdk: what did you order?
jinx: thats good
bdk6: I won't complain. I wasn't expecting any. I ordered 1kg and it arrived yesterday too
basile: only 5m??? That's about 1-2 bucks!!! http://www.globalfsd.com/
bdk6: It's a cheap printer
jinx: 5 mtr bit cheap of 'em
bdk6: They didn't send any, but I have some. They did send about 5 meters of filament