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L293D overheating, can't figure out why?


I am building the 'start here' robot. It's the first time I've ever built a robot and the first time I've ever done something like this at all, so bear with me as my terminology is possibly all wrong.


I've attached a picture of my set up


Picaxe Overheating

As soon as I add power to my Picaxe 28x1 board, everthing overheats. Besides just it being a bad board, the only other reason I can think of that would cause that, is that I turned on the board (4.5 volts) before I had put the microcontroller in its socket. If, in fact, everyone thinks this is the board malfunctioning, then, do you also think solarbotcis would give me a refund? lol

As I'm sure this question has been asked many many many times, a link to one of them (prefferably answered) will suffice :)