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Quadrupede bluetooth Spider


After printing pieces to Prusa I3 is the new 4-legged spider with bluetooth comm :)


RC Robot Car wheels turn too slowly

I have just put together a basic rc robot car, based on an arduino uno, motor shield (as I fried the original circuit board trying to measure voltages :) and of course a basic rc car (new bright). I can get the car to turn its wheels left and right and get the wheels to go forwards and backwards (when in the air) however the forwards and backward wheel speed is lacklustre (analogwrite(11, 255)- to the point where if place it on then ground the wheels don't turn and the car doesn't move. If I connect the rear wheels to the battery directly (9v battery) the wheels turn ok.
Walk forword,back.left,right,balance one leg, up-down 1 or 2 leg,Turn right-left,Control With Bluetooth
Using a
My new Biped Robot "Red-Dragon V3"   what's new -Remove the camera Read more

Gear motors... too slow?

I was looking for small gear motors and I found two nice ones: http://www.robotshop.com/ca/solarbotics-gm7-gear-motor-7.html and http://www.robotshop.com/ca/solarbotics-gm10-geared-pager-motor.html. The first one has a 120:1 gear ratio and the second 81:1. Are these ratios too slow for a robot about 6x6 cm big?