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LMR Member Discounts

Frits has negotiated discounts with a number of web shops. These discount deals are for LMR members only. Info on these deals is shown at the very bottom of the main page. I'm not going to list them here, as that is just duplication of effort.

However, a few shops have spontaneously started offering discounts for LMR members! You guys rock!

This post is my attempt to collect a list of them.

Where do you spend your robotics dollar (or Yen, Euro, Yuan, Pound, Franc...)

You may have noticed that Frits has negotiated some sweet discounts for LMR with a couple of robotics shops. Check the bottom of the main page.

Using an LMR discount code, ALABTU, you can get 5% off and an additional 5% is donated to LMR to pay for costs of running the site.

My question is, why just a couple of shops? Where do you spend your money? Let's get a list going of the shops where we spend the most, and see if we can negotiate some deals.