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Dagu 4 Channel Motor Controller

Arduino Mega 2560, Dagu Rover 5, and Dagu 4 channel motor controller

I have a Dagu Rover 5 (4wd), a Dagu 4 channel motor controller, and an Arduino Mega 2560. I am looking for a simple image showing the wiring and a default sketch. I would like to make my robot mobile, but have been running into a wall as far as setting up the Rover 5 to be controlled by the Arduino Mega (dealing with the encoder data, etc.). Any help and input would be much appreciated!

Reversing DC Motor

I have the 4WD Dagu 5 Rover with a Dagu 4 channel motor controller and I have got that working perfectly with an Arduino UNO and it runs very well.

I need to control 2 more DC motors however and so I went and got another motor controller and wired it the same using different outputs from my Arduino. I used very similar code for this DC motor as I did for the 4 wheels of the Rover.

I'm confused with how to control my rover 5

Hi all,

I have a few questions, which may be a bit stupid but I am new to robotics.

I have a picaxe 28 pin project board, a rover 5 4WD robot platform with encoders, a parallax ping ultrasonic sensor and a standard servo.

I am planning on making an autonomous robot like that on the start here instructions.

I have found out that my picaxe won't be able to power the rover 5. So I am looking at buying the Dagu 4 channel motor controller. Will I be able to controll the rover 5 4WD and encoders, the servo and ping sensor if I buy this motor controller?

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Fairly new to this and need some guidance with Rover 5, Arduino Uno, Dagu 4 channel motor controller and SRF-05

Hi all,


fairly new to all this; have managed to build a basic obstacle avoidance robot with some guidance from luckylarry.co.uk. Now looking to use the Rover 5 platform and my arduino uno, however I don't know where to start with the control. In the past I have used SN754410 H-bridge chips but this time I've invested in the Dagu 4 channel controller.

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