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Ultra sonic sensor

What is the best ultrasonic rangefinder sensor setup to measure between 30cm - 30meter

I want to build a measuring device, preferably using sensors to be integrated with RaspberryPi or Arduino, to measure distances between 30cm and 30meter with an accuracy of 5 cm or less.


Hi, I'm new to robotics and this forum. I've always wanted to build a robot but did not know where to start, until I stumbled on this site looking for parts for a R/C car and thought it would be a good idea to finally build my firs robot.

So, I got all my gear (tools) together and off I went into my caveman and started building my first robot. I decided to start with a simple obstacles avoiding robot project using the famous Arduino UNO. I'm going to name it The TurtleDuino because if all goes to plans it will look like a turtle.

Another Ultrasound Sensor

Hey guys, check this so far unknown UltraSound sensor:


I kinda like, compared to SRF05.. maby.. :)