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How to place a medium sized CPU in it's socket?[SOLVED]

Dear: LMR

Just to let you know I have busted a cpu supposedly. My friend diagnosed my latest 3d printer problem as a cpu issue. I bought a new microcontroller which is a atmega644p for my saguinololu and I can't put it in my sanguinololu without bending the connectors. Any help would be helpful? Thank you.

From: Noah

UPDATE: Solved

Dear: LMR

Picaxe Serial Communication Through Prog. Socket??

Hey, I'm wondering: If I have 2 Picaxe 28X1's that both have their own programming sockets, after programming them, can I use a male to male audio cable and connect their sockets, and send information from one to the other with serout commands? One 28x1 sends info to the other, no data is sent back, so only on serial line is needed. Is it possible, and how would I implement it?