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Seeks light to charge batteries (photovore) and avoids obstacles
Using a
If you're a FaceBooker, please visit Fiji Water's page (http://www.facebook.com/fijiwater) and "like" Fijibot! It was posted July 11th. Fijibot is an autonomous, … Read more

LMR Donor Drawing II

As most of you know, we are planning another robotically-selected drawing to pick winners for our five LMR Donation donor prizes. 

Draws murals by following GCode instructions and/or etch-a-sketch style commands
Using a
All my projects & progress are available at marginallyclever.com. This is my mural drawing art robot.  The principle is simple: if you know the distance … Read more

easiest motorshield to program?

I have a adafruit motorcontroller. I thought it was easy to program but, looking at some of the code that others have written it seems really complicated. Please tell me that it just looks hard and is really to program. Also, how do you get librarys thing to work? They have a tutorial but my computer looks different than their photos. If you know of a motorshield that is REALLY easy to program please tell me. Thanks for the help!