Let's Make Robots!


Perpetual Hangout

Frits asked me to mention that when there is someone in the hangout we can invite those that can't join on their own if they will post their email, or, their name on G+. He would like to get input on how we could make use of the Hangout

Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?

Videos for LMRv4 Fundraising


Make Some Videos!

I'm encouraging people to record a 30 second or less video at home and send me the file, or link on YouTube or other hosting site. Doug and I will compile a video of LMR members explaining why LMR is so important to us, and asking for support. If we show the world how much we care about LMR, and what this community has done for us, they'll care too. Maybe enough to contribute a few bucks.

I've linked the videos I've received so far at the bottom of this post.


Permanent Google+ hangout

We now have a permanent Google+ hangout for LMR users.


What is a hangout?

Google+ hangout is a multi user video chat. Upto 10 users can join the hangout at the same time. A permanent hangout doesn't mean there is already somebody available. It just means the hangout is never ending, it is always available under the same link.

Why should I use hangout?

Robot Party Dec 15th

Here are the videos from last Robot Party! You can view them all in the playlist here!


Check it out to see people like Chris the Carpenter, Ro-Bot-X, patrickmccabe and albert la (can't remember his user name) :D They have great robots and knowledge!


The Robot Party is every Thursday at 8PM ET! Lots of people from LMR come to the Robot Party, so if you have a robot then it would be really cool to see it at the party! :)


Robot Party - October 6th!

The videos from the October 6th Robot Party are now live! :) You can view them all in this YouTube playlist.


Embedded are snippets from Lenore from EMSL showing the Egg Bots, Eric Relson's Mech Warfare robot, and Che Edoga's humanoid!





Google plus hangout Saturady afternoon 3pm PST.

Heya LMR folks,

I'm thinking of having a G+ hangout session tomorrow around 10am pst(I'm in California), 1pm est, UTC -7(I think).

If you want a gmail invite, send me a request by 9:45am and I'll send in invite your way and have a gmail account I can send it to.

I was thinking of just shooting the breeze, talking about bots, projects, and just general stuff.

maybe it'll be something, maybe it'll be just me some ambient noise....we'll see!  :)


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