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Shines toward Spectator
Using a
The Starbot is a custom robot made for one of my sons. It is a star that shines and rotates to where the spectator is. My son found this wooden star-on-a-stick … Read more

fritsldr with arduino

hi guys.
ive been having some problem figuring out the code for a fritsldr in arduino.
so far i keep getting this error:

error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant.:

 error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant in function 'void loop()'

Slightly more advanced LDR eye

Read this history first, if you have an hour to kill.

The challenge: make your bot rove around your house. Use no active beacons. Use observations by your bot only. Now, does your bot know where it is?

One possible answer: an eye and a brain.

Room Recognition

Each room in the house has a unique lighting situation. A simple eye that looks around in eight directions would "see" a pattern of light and dark segments. Each cell is connected to one ADC on your uC.

Rudimentary LDR eye

Old idea rekindled

This idea about very basic robot vision haunted me ever since I first saw AmandaLDR. Even before it was named after a canine. It's somewhat inspired by the evolution of the first eyes in nature: just a bunch of light sensitive cells on your rump.

The green way of looking - FritsLDR

Hey - rock! I was having a hard time getting my project now named FritLDR fine tuned; I wanted this method to work also in harsh conditions, and it was a quesstion of ever tuning, I did not like that!

BUT THEN...!!! All the time I was turnig the LED(s) ON, and measuring, off, measuring.. THEN I just tried to make it ON/pause 10 mil sec / measure - OFF/pause 10 mil sec / measure and OMG!! NOW we are talking!