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A custom Pi shield or an Arduino?

As more and more people get a Pi they are asking how to interface it to their robot. I do not own a Pi but I looked at the GPIO pins available for interfacing. Apart from general digital I/O pins you have I2C, SPI and Serial interfacing available. I assume there is a library or something that allows these pins to be easily access from within the Linux operating system.

So the question becomes do you just use another MCU such as an Arduino to provide the necessary I/O functionality or do you use a custom shield?

NFR24L01 bluetooth module and SPI



I am working on my first robot. Ibased it on an ArduinoMega128 and can make it drive a pre-programmed pattern. I now want to control it via bluetooth from my android phone. For this I was given a small BT module yesterday. It is based on the NFR24L01 chip, and contains no serial interface, but rather the default SPI that the chip communicates with. I know the Arduino has an SPI interface on leg 50-53. However, away from connecting, I have no idea on how to begin.


I know I need to add the #include spi.h to my Arduino sketch.

Allows you to save data to off chip memory location as well as record rtc data.
This is a early LP shield that was actualy meant to have other features, but due to time constraints and wanting to get something to test with, I had to cut out a … Read more