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IRIS System

IRIS System - update 5

 I've been doing alot of work on the project latley, but not posting about it here very often. It's mostly coda and small stuff, but if you want to follow the progress or help in any way, go to my github page: https://github.com/ANTlabs/IRIS-System


 Be sure to view the wiki or readme first!

IRIS System - update 4

 I pretty much have the sound systems up and running, the speakers are working great with some minor audio distortion (but that's probably because when I tested it, I didn't have the capacitors in). The microphone on the other hand is having some issues. I'm using the circuit from the demo board and the microphone to headphones object, but the audio I get back is very grainy. To get anything at all, I have to be within an inch of the mic. (could be because I yanked it out of an old phone). But overall, I get some audio.


IRIS System - update 3

 Just a quick update on the ststus of IRIS. I got the wii nunchuck to work with my prop. fairly quickly using a connector from adifruit. I still can't seem to work out the prop. to picaxe serial, though. But the real news is, I've decided to put the code up on github so anyone can help to improve it and reuse the code. Here's the link: https://github.com/ANTlabs/IRIS-System

IRIS System - update 2

 I've worked on this alot latley. It's an improved version of my text editor. Basically, it was made to test the keyboard input and TV output for the propeller, but ended up being alot more work than it was worth. In the end, I just realized that I only needed to use the ending string (13, 10). Only some minor problems remain: no tv objects will work unless the prop. is plugged into the computer and no spaces show up when using the read method. Here's the code:

IRIS System - update 1


Horay! I just got my GG propeller board USB:


 And, for the record, I did blink some LED's (video 1). Parts shipment 1 of 2 has also arrived:

 I recently read two great tutorials from gadget gangster on how to write to and read from SD card. Now this is great if you want to write pre-set text. But … Read more


Hello LMR! This is sort-of a Two in one question. I need some assistance figuring how to hook up and program the following: 1. RFID - I've been eying this for a while now: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8419. I understand that pin 5 will tell you when a card is present, and 8 & 9 look like i2c, but what is pin 7 (format selector)? What sort of object (propeller) would I use to drive it, i2c? What about the cp pin? 2. RTC - I've also wanted to do some experiments with this cool little chip: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10160.

The IRIS System

     The IRIS System will basically have three goals: