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Drifting around and avoid collisions via ultrasound
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Drifter is based on a cheap RC toy car I found at Toys'r'us, named 'Fast lane Monster Drift'.  I think it's the same model Frits has been used in an episode … Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound
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Hi guys! I want to submit to you my first project (and I hope not last). I know this good site for a long time and now I decided to share my robot. Read more
I had bought a RC Car from walmart for about $15 to use with the Arduino Motorshield a while back (see here). Fortunately, I had taken some pictures before I … Read more
Hi guys, For a while now I have wanted to buy a cheap toy car and make it RC. I was at the cheap shop the other day and found a few $2 toy cars. The cars were super … Read more

Are RC toys a good source for servos/motors?

I was wondering whether RC toys are a good source for components. I came across a RC plane with two motors and two servos that only costs 25. This seems like a very good deal to me, or would this be a bad idea?

What are your experiences with demolishing toys for the greater good, or do you have an alternative cheap source of components?