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programming picaxe

ok you probably get hundreds of people asking this queastion but i cant program my picaxe 08m2

it says error hardware not found on com1 (com one is the only one it will let me select)

i have tried everything  (apart from reset for i see no way to reset a picaxe 08m2

i am using the axe027 usb cable please help



How to control a motor fwd and revs picaxe -08m2

Hi everyone this is my first forums post here

I have a bit of a problem that i am trying to work out and that is how to control two motor with a picaxe school experimenter board and an -08m2 chip. This is for a very simple robot that should be able to go forward hit an object triggering a switch which will stop the robot, reverse it and then turn it around before moving off to crash into something else.

can anybody help me with any resources or circuit diagrams.

thanks very much