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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Avoids obstacles primarily but You'll have to watch the video to find out more
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Continuing on with the robot revolution here on LMR, this here was my entry into the coasterbot competiton.As you can see.... Hey wait! What's going on?! Help! … Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound, Opens and closes fridge,
Brewster is a work in progress project I have been looking forward to work on for sometime. Please feel free to comment or throw any ideas my way for improvement. … Read more
hi guys i just finished my project i am new to programing so hope you like it  i have also the code : #include <SoftwareSerial.h>   // TX_PIN is not used by … Read more
Moves around via commands from PC, Humanoid is animated, it can move its head & arms. Can display messages on its 4 x 20 LCD.
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ZappBot 3 - Tracked Humanoid Torso Robot. The robot is 11" Wide, 12" Deep and 21" Tall. It is controlled by a Propeller Chip P8X32A-D40 and a Digi XBee 1 mW Radio … Read more