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first robot

Navigate via IR, version 2 will also remove the pits from olives... We cannot tolerate any pits.
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I've been reading all the great info on this website for the last month or so.  Was inspired to put together the first 'start here' robot. I followed the … Read more

My First Robot - Motor control for tracks

Hello all

So, I've been lurking this forum for a while now and finally decided to make my first robot.

I started out reading the "Start here" guide - and it's a really cool guide by the way :)

My first robot, A 4 legged walker, Still a long way to go :D

Hello and greetings from Norway.

Since the winter is creeping upon this very cold land that I live in, and the sun is hiding just about all the day, its time to start some indoor project.

I have always been fascinated by DIY robots and have had many "Brilliant" (horrible stupid) ideas for designing and building them.

But finally i have started a robot project for real. wohoo!


As a child

OK im new so didnt no what topic sorry for that.so the title says most of it as a kid 10-18-ish were you interested in electronics did you make anything?or did you just start robotics as an adult?

 (edit) i ask this because i am only a child so i wondere if there was any hope for me :] thanks for the feedback guys.

perhaps il just wait till i can actually buy some basic stuff but il still read up on stuff so hen i do get materials il be ready to start using my hands instead of my eyes

My Very First Robot


 I am interested in building my first robot, I already red the "Start Here" section and check everything related to that robot and another beginner's ones.

So it begins...

Hi i'm new at the game.

I tried to make my first robot last week and got as far as the testing stage :)


I didn't do enough research and thought a bi-pedal walker was the first thing i should try and make!


 Ha ha ha, I saw Honda's Asimo for the first time and thought I can make something that walks in 

A: < 1 week with  

B: < $50 worth of R & D 




Thats the learning curve. 



Ok. I have started my first custom robot! I'm going to call him "Luigi" cuz he was going to be controlled by an Arduino, but I decided not to. But its a cool … Read more

working in progress...

This was my first, now i'm working to upgrade it )))

Thank you guys. Your advices were very helpful.

navigate around with IR and avoid stuff
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This is igor, my first robot.  His brains are a Make controller, a SAM7-based microcontroller which I gotta say was NOT the cheapest but for the most part is a joy … Read more